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As a woman, you have a lot on your plate. You struggle--maybe daily--to feel adequate, equipped, and confident that you are doing this awesome job well (you are). Because you're human, a huge component of your day revolves around food--or food prep. You (& the family!) need to eat in order to survive. Convenience is prioritized over quality. And though you feel educated on healthy meals, it takes a lot of effort to find recipes you and the family will like, which means ingredients that are easy to find and meals that won’t take hours in the kitchen. Oh and they have to taste good, too--even to the pickiest food connoisseur.

The Everyday Struggle Is Real!

Exhaustion? Check. Extra pounds? Check. That ice cream and cookies have just been so easily accessible and emotionally satisfying. Exercise is great in theory but doesn’t fit into your daily routine, in fact, let's table it until tomorrow. And maybe even the day after tomorrow. You've talked to your doctor about the frustrations of exhaustion, weight gain, days throughout the month that you just struggle to be happy. You've developed a short temper, of which your not proud of. Marital intimacy is waning because after giving out all day there's nothing left to expend.

We Are Here To Help!

Flourish was developed by moms for moms. We've been there. And we're here to help you navigate the constant struggles and expectations of motherhood, specifically regarding health, food, and wholeness. We'll bring you weekly inspiration on topics such as: health, food, easy meals, and recipes to explore and try. And because functional wellness focuses on the whole individual, lifestyle and mindset strategies are also included. After all, moms are whole-people too and we want you to feel WHOLE and strong--mentally, physically, and emotionally...


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Community Is Everything

Weekly Live Coaching

Every Monday we will come to you live via Facebook for a 20- minute coaching session. We'll provide valuable and practical information on a specific topic in a way that conveniently fits into your weekly schedule.

Kitchen Demos & Recipes

Getting into the kitchen is one of the largest tasks of the week. As moms we know how crazy meals can be and what parts are overwhelming. By showing you how we spend time in our kitchen, we want to inspire you to be able to make your next meal stress-free and delicious. Our kitchen demo will highlight new recipes once a month while incorporating cooking tips, food facts, and kitchen hacks for you try, experiment with, or repeat in your kitchen.

Private Facebook Community

Connecting is important, connection is vital.   Our private Facebook Community welcomes you active participation so you can have meaningful connections with us and other women, encouraging you that you're not alone and we've got your back.  

"I reached out to Melanie in my hour of need and her health and wellness coaching has been life changing! Her encouragement, guidance, and suggestions helped me take baby steps, simple changes that have made all the difference in the world. I have replaced bad habits with good habits and am learning to make healthier food choices all in a way that is comfortable to me and my lifestyle. Some of my results are: losing over 20 pounds, improved bloodwork results, and I am now off my blood pressure medication! I look forward to continuing down this path with her. She makes me want to be a better me! Thank you, Melanie, for making a difference in my life!"

Dot S.
Akron, Ohio

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